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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Rush?
Rush is a semesterly, one-week period where our chapter hosts a series of information, professional, and social events. Rush allows an opportunity for interested students to check out what Phi Chi Theta is all about, meet its brothers, and see if it is a good fit for you, while allowing the chapter it's only opportunity to select future members for the semester.
When is Founders Day? When is our Birthday?
​Founders’ Day is March 6th and is celebrated by all chapters annually. June 16th was the date in 1924 when Phi Theta Kappa and Phi Kappa Epsilon merged in Chicago, IL, to form Phi Chi Theta and is considered our “birthday.”
What are the requirements for initiated membership?

​Collegiate Member


1. An undergraduate student enrolled in a course of study.


2. A graduate student enrolled in a graduate school or program.

Alumni Member


1. Regular Member is a former college member in good standing who continues to assume all applicable national chapter and local obligations, including the payment of national dues.


2. Alumni-At-Large is a former collegiate member who is residing in a locality where there is no alumni chapter and who pays dues regularly to the national chapter.

How long may I be a member of Phi Chi Theta?

Once initiated into Phi Chi Theta, you are a member for life. However, to remain an active member, you must affiliate with a collegiate or alumni chapter or as an alumnus or alumna at-large.

What is Phi Chi Theta's GPA requirement for potential new members?

Members are required to maintain cumulative GPA of 2.5. Potential new members who do not meet this requirement will not be considered for membership.

What is Phi Chi Theta's alcohol policy?

During the rush process, which the calendar dates are designated by OFSA , no brother will engage in any alcohol related activities with potential new members. Failure to abide by these rule will result in penalty from OFSA as well as the accused will need to come speak to the EC to determine if punishment will be passed down.

How do I get a Fraternity Badge or Pin?

​Pins, badges and other jewelry items may be ordered through National Headquarters. You will receive a badge as part of your initiation fee.

What is Phi Chi Theta's Hazing policy?

​There shall be no acts of hazing or actions detrimental to the education and personal development of the incoming pledges. All members must read, understand, and sign the Hazing Compliance Form, and it must be filed with OFSA. Any allegations that the chapter has engaged in hazing activities will result in penalization determined by OFSA.

What is expected of the members of Phi Chi Theta?

Every member of Phi Chi Theta represents the fraternity as a whole. Because of this, all members are held to a high standard of professionalism and responsibility, and shall adhere to the following requirements:

  • Every member shall complete 7 hours of Community Service per semester

  • Every member shall attend at least 50% of all Phi Chi Theta Corporate Events

  • Every member shall attend weekly chapter meetings

  • Every member shall pay their brotherhood dues of $195 per semester

How can I be involved in Phi Chi Theta after I graduate from college?

You can join our large connections in our alumni chapter and serve as a regular member or chapter officer.

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