Senior Spotlight

To The Graduating Class of 2020 and To Some of Our Most Beloved Brothers and Sisters...

Aashna Palaniappan
Congratulations Aashna!
Alvin Chen
Congratulations Alvin!
Ammu Sekkappan
Congratulations Ammu!
Aneri Rokad
Congratulations Aneri!
Anirudh Shyamsundar
Congratulations Ani!
Christian Sanchez
Congratulations Christian!
Derek Gallagher
Congratulations Derek!
Hena Patel
Congratulations Hena!
Kyle Spinweber
Congratulations Kyle!
Matthew DeSimone
Congratulations Matt!
Michelle Ciepiela
Congratulations Michelle!
Pam Olitsky
Congratulations Pam!
Sonale Patel
Congratulations Sonale!
Sneha Suri
Congratulations Sneha!
Vatsala Jha
Congratulations Vatsala!
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