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Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight - Chris

Chris Mahedy

"Everything has a funny way of working out"

Meet Chris Mahedy! He's a senior majoring in Accounting with a minor in Work Organization & Management. He spent the last two summers interning with PwC and will be returning as a full-time Audit Associate in the Technology, Multimedia, and Telecommunications Division.

'I'm from the Jersey Shore so I love long boarding down Ocean Avenue and enjoying everything the shore has to offer. Despite that, my happy place is probably sitting in my hammock after a good hike and enjoying a book'.


Brother Spotlight


Elaina Belenky

"Say yes to as many opportunities as you can, because it'll all be worth it"

Hi, my name Elaina Belenky, and I’m a senior majoring in BAIT and minoring in Cognitive Science. From May 2019 until March 2020, I was the Director of Community Service for PCT. This was such an amazing and eye-opening experience that truly showed me how important it is to help those around you!

What I've Done


"One of my favorite events I did was our Asbury Park River Cleanup. A small group of brothers went down and cleaned up the streets and land surrounding a river. We were challenged to pick up cigarrette butts and fill as many water bottles as we could. When we kept coming back for more empty bottles, it was sad but also so rewarding to see that we could make a real difference in just a few hours!"

image0 (1).jpeg

"I also loved our Old Bridge Animal Shelter visit, where we got to clean animal living spaces and just keep the cats and dogs company! It was such an easy way to help the community by lending our time and energy to make these animals happy, which made us happy in return. Overall, I became super passionate about helping the community through this position, and I recommend all of you to find ways to give back and help where you can!"

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