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Alpha Omega Chapter | Rutgers University

Phi Chi Theta | Alpha Omega Chapter | Rutgers University - New Brunswick


A Letter From Our President 

To my fellow business leaders,

More than a decade ago, in the basement of the James Dickson Carr Library on Livingston Campus, a group of future leaders gathered to establish the foundation for the Alpha Omega chapter of Phi Chi Theta at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. I’m proud to say that since those humble beginnings, our chapter has grown to succeed on both a campus and national level and continues to uphold the pillars this fraternity was built upon: service, professionalism, and brotherhood. With 65 active members, our chapter has only grown in size, bringing in students from a variety of different backgrounds and majors including business, computer science, economics, human resources, and a multitude of other majors and minors. We’re proud to host a powerful and influential alumni network, with members currently employed across the country from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Our chapter is the proud recipient of the Executive Director Award and is recognized as the top chapter of Phi Chi Theta across the nation. Despite these achievements, we actively continue to keep the flaming ambition for greatness and success alive.
Entering my sophomore year in Fall 2022, I was looking to grow as a student, learn professionally, and above all, find a support center of friends who I can turn to for anything no matter how big or small. After attending the first information session for the Fall Rush, I knew Phi Chi Theta was my new home. Every member I spoke to was so genuine in their praise for the fraternity and it became immediately apparent this was not an organization reciting a script from memory, but a group of friends who genuinely cared for one another and wanted success for everyone around them. I can confidently say that Phi Chi Theta has changed me into the man I am today and provided me with beneficial opportunities and experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. 
During the Spring 2023 semester, I was elected to be the Director of Athletics, where I organized intramural sporting events open to all members to provide a break from the stress of college studies. As a fraternity, we participated in volleyball, soccer, and cricket while also having a chance to play in the championship bracket as well. More than anything, this position taught me the value of one of our pillars: brotherhood. The members of Phi Chi Theta are many things, students, professionals, athletes, but above all, friends. There is nothing more fulfilling after spending hours organizing events, making reservations, getting equipment and finally seeing your vision come to fruition with all your friends having a great time at your sporting events. 
During this past Fall 2023 semester, I was honored with being elected the Co-Director of Corporate Events where we brought back one of Phi Chi Theta’s trademark corporate events, the Annual Corporate Expo. Through interacting with Phi Chi Theta’s expansive alumni network, we were happy to host 8 companies on the Livingston campus including: Prudential, Estée Lauder, Deloitte, Merck and many more. We also had the honor of hosting a Deloitte corporate event, detailing current employee’s experiences at the consulting sector of Deloitte as well as a Bloomberg corporate event to have members and students of Rutgers learn more about ESGs and other incredible initiatives at Bloomberg. Every corporate event that Phi Chi Theta organizes aims to develop each and every member into the successful business leaders of tomorrow. We’re so incredibly proud to have members and alumni who continue to receive internships and full-time opportunities from numerous prestigious companies including J.P. Morgan, Amazon, L'Oréal, Bloomberg, Boston Consulting Group, the Big Four, and so many more. 
Phi Chi Theta’s impact does not end with fraternal and professional events as we also serve the area around campus through our community service efforts. Phi Chi Theta has given back to the community in numerous ways through our commitment to the Lupus Foundation, Rutgers University Dance Marathon, Scarlet Day of Service, and many more. In the fall semester, we host a Lupus Coffeehouse, building a warm environment for students and families to perform for and support the philanthropy of our choice, with 100% of the proceeds going towards charity. In the spring, we participate in Rutgers University Dance Marathon where our members dance to help raise funds towards the Embrace Kids Foundation’s mission to support the non-medical needs of children with cancer, sickle cell, and other serious disorders. 
As I begin my term as this fraternity’s President, I am reminded of how to reach one’s full potential. I think back to more than a year ago, when I rushed Phi Chi Theta, not knowing what makes a good resume, or how to even start answering a behavioral or technical question in an interview. In my mind, my growth and progress as a student, professional, and friend can all be attributed to the members of Phi Chi Theta. To quote one of America’s greatest business leaders, the co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be”. By joining Phi Chi Theta, I was fortunate enough to spend my time with such compassionate, intelligent, and driven individuals that shaped me into the professional I am today. Each and every member of Phi Chi Theta holds the honor of shaping this organization into something greater than the sum of its parts by building on the foundation set by alumni, and the drive of our current members. 
As the twelfth President of Phi Chi Theta - Alpha Omega, it is my honor and privilege to welcome you to our fraternity.

Andrew Scibilia

Phi Chi Theta- Alpha Omega Chapter

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