A Letter From Our President 

To my fellow business leaders, 


On August 19th, 2013, the Alpha Omega chapter of Phi Chi Theta was founded at Rutgers University— New Brunswick. Established as a co-educational business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta was built on a foundation that promotes professionalism, service, and brotherhood. Now entering our 7th year on campus, and with over 60 current brothers and a growing alumni network, our presence is prominent, and our unrelenting energy is unmatched. Nationally, Alpha Omega is recognized as a top chapter of Phi Chi Theta, and even after winning the Executive Director Award, our achievements have not stopped there.   


Freshman year, I joined Phi Chi Theta because I wanted to be a part of a family. Little did I know that this family would change my world, and encourage me to let my passion change theirs. Surrounded by driven individuals, I have been able to develop my personality into one that does not accept anything below exceptional, and I know that each brother can say that Phi Chi Theta has shaped them to do the same. Since initiating into this fraternity, I have had the opportunity to showcase my ambition and give back through holding positions as Director of Alumni Relations, Vice President of Events, and now the President in one of our most pivotal years yet. 


Professionally, our impact at Rutgers is dominating. We share our network at events such as our Annual Corporate Expo, a small-scale business career fair with almost one hundred attendees and foremost companies. Shark tank events, panels, and alumni workshops are just among a few of the other innovations our events team coordinates. Through attending events like these and building imperative professional skills, our brothers and alumni have had widespread influence in many different industries throughout the globe. Our brothers even take their leadership beyond our fraternity and showcase their capabilities in other organizations on campus, proving just how influential we are. Throughout all of this, brothers continue to receive internships and full-time offers from Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Unilever, Mars, L’Oréal, the Big Four, Bloomberg and many more. 


As professionally successful as we are, our impact does not stop in the corporate world. Phi Chi Theta has given back to the community in numerous ways through our commitment to The Lupus Foundation, Rutgers Dance Marathon, Scarlet Day of Service, and more. In the fall semester, we host a Lupus Coffeehouse, building a warm environment for students and families to perform for and support the philanthropy we chose, with 100% of the proceeds going towards charity. In the spring, we host a similar event with all proceeds going towards Dance Marathon and our three strong children whom we “adopted” through RU4Kids- Molly, Kallista, and Henry.  


As Phi Chi Theta continues to prosper, I am reminded of all of the reasons I chose to rush this fraternity. The moments of overcoming obstacles leading into moments worth celebrating would not have been the same had I not experienced them with my fellow brothers and sisters. Although each member comes from a different background, it only adds to our diversity and teaches us something new with each memory. As a fraternity, we all share the same values, and together, we strive to uphold the standards of Phi Chi Theta, and I know future brothers will continue to do the same. 


As President of Phi Chi Theta— Alpha Omega, it is with great honor that I welcome you to our brotherhood, where our passion drives our people. 

Sanjana Saboo


Phi Chi Theta- Alpha Omega Chapter

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