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A Letter From Our President 

To my fellow business leaders, 


Nearly eight years ago, in the basement beneath the James Dickson Carr Library on Livingston campus, a small group of passionate students came together and devised a plan to establish the Alpha Omega chapter of Phi Chi Theta at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Since that pivotal moment, Alpha Omega has risen to prominence both at Rutgers and on the national stage. With 73 active brothers, the chapter is the largest it has ever been, bringing together students from all six majors offered at Rutgers Business School, as well as those studying computer science, economics, human resources, and a host of other majors and minors. Our alumni network reaches across the country, with brothers holding positions from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Alpha Omega is the proud recipient of the Executive Director Award, which recognizes the country’s top chapter of Phi Chi Theta, and despite the challenges we have all faced this past year, we have continued to build on that momentum. 


I came to Rutgers like so many others, eager to find friends and make an impact. Thankfully, Phi Chi Theta would allow me to do both. Each brother truly embodies our core principles of brotherhood, professionalism, and service, creating an environment of like-minded yet unique individuals that push each other to strive for greatness while providing support along the way. I was drawn to the energy and enthusiasm that emanates from our brothers. Since the day I was initiated, I was encouraged to embrace not only the role of a brother, but a leader as well. In many ways, my journey within Phi Chi Theta reflects our core principles and demonstrates what is possible for anyone who seeks to join our brotherhood. 


As a newly initiated freshman, I was chosen to serve as the Co-Director of Corporate Events. I was able to see firsthand the level of professionalism that Phi Chi Theta cultivated in its members. I was given the responsibility of planning our Annual Corporate Expo (ACE), a showcase of companies across all sectors that often features our alumni and saw over one hundred attendees in the fall of 2019. We also planned case studies, professional development workshops, a Shark Tank night, and a number of alumni panels, all with the goal of fostering the professional skills necessary to compete in the ever-changing business environment. Our chapter’s efforts have been largely successful, with our brothers having created an impact across the business world, serving in internship and full-time roles with companies like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Unilever, Mars, L’Oréal, the Big Four, and Bloomberg, among others.


Upon entering my sophomore year, I was elected to serve as the Vice President of Events, which brought along the added responsibility of overseeing our robust community service efforts. Through the creation of events like environmental clean-ups and volunteering at animal shelters, along with our partnership with the Lupus Foundation and participation in Rutgers University Dance Marathon and Scarlet Day of Service, there are countless ways for our brothers to give back. Few things bring us as much joy as hosting our coffeehouse events or spending time with Henry, who we “adopted” through RU4Kids and has become a part of the Phi Chi Theta family. 


As I begin my term as this fraternity’s ninth president, I am reminded of how far this fraternity and myself have both come. Just as Alpha Omega began in the basement of a library and has since become the premier business organization on campus, I have gone from a freshman seeking a group of friends to an upperclassmen who has found a family. Through Phi Chi Theta, we all have a chance to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to truly demonstrate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While I have been tasked with ensuring the fraternity continues to prosper, I also know that it's our duty to leave a foundation for future brothers to build upon, just as we have built upon the legacy of our alumni.


As President of Phi Chi Theta- Alpha Omega, I have the honor and privilege of welcoming you to our fraternity, where PCT doesn’t just stand for Phi Chi Theta, but People Coming Together.

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Nikhil Sadaranganey


Phi Chi Theta- Alpha Omega Chapter

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