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Alpha Omega Chapter | Rutgers University

Phi Chi Theta | Alpha Omega Chapter | Rutgers University - New Brunswick


A Letter From Our President 

To my fellow business leaders,
On August 19th, 2013, the Alpha Omega chapter of Phi Chi Theta was founded at Rutgers University-New Brunswick by a small group of driven students. Today, our chapter has grown to over 70 current brothers and continues to uphold the pillars this fraternity was built upon service, professionalism, and brotherhood. Entering our ninth year on campus, we continue to build upon our strong reputation and presence at Rutgers and on the national level. Backed by our driven and passionate alumni, we continue to host corporate events where we can share our network with the general population of Rutgers. On the national level, Alpha Omega is the proud recipient of the Executive Director Award and is recognized as the top chapter of Phi Chi Theta.
At the end of my freshman year in Fall 2020, I was nervous that I would not be able to make friends during our first entirely virtual year. I wanted to expand my circle and meet more people who had the same professional and academic goals. While I was reluctant to rush virtually, I was immediately blown away by how friendly and genuine the brothers were at the information session. Joining Phi Chi Theta brought me out of my shell in a way I could not have imagined my freshman year. I’ve made many lifelong friends and have found a family that I will cherish for the rest of my life. 
During my next semester, I was chosen to serve as Co-Director of Corporate Events, where I interacted with Phi Chi Theta’s expansive professional network firsthand. I met incredibly involved alumni who were ready to help our chapter at a moment’s notice, and I had the opportunity to host several events with company professionals resulting in interviews and offers for brothers. Additionally, our chapter holds professional development workshops, case studies, and many speaker and alumni panel events to help develop our brothers into successful business leaders past their time at Rutgers. Our brothers have set a high standard and continue to receive internships and full-time offers from Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, Unilever, Mars, L’Oréal, the Big Four, Bloomberg, and many more.
This past year, I was promoted to the Vice President of Events and sought to continue creating corporate and community service events that allow the brothers of Phi Chi Theta to engage in valuable opportunities. Through participating in events like Scarlet Day of Service, The Big Chill 5K, Winter Wishes, and the Greek Programming Board Food Drive, brothers had many opportunities to give back to our community. Additionally, our chapter organizes events throughout the semester, such as environmental cleanups and making cards for hospitalized children. Along with our community service, Phi Chi Theta participates in philanthropic initiatives in partnership with the Lupus Foundation and Rutgers Dance Marathon.
Seeing Phi Chi Theta prosper despite the global pandemic reminds me of all the reasons I chose to rush this fraternity. We provide each other with comfort and support during unprecedented times and continue to succeed when others have given up. Being part of a community that works towards common goals and picks each other up when we fall is something I am grateful for each and every day. Each brother of Phi Chi Theta shares in our relentless effort to build upon the legacy of our alumni and contribute to something greater than ourselves. 
As the eleventh President of Phi Chi Theta – Alpha Omega, it is my honor to welcome you to our fraternity.

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Harsh Patel


Phi Chi Theta- Alpha Omega Chapter

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